ContactInfoBase Class

The ContactInfoBase class is derived from VObject. It is the base classs for ContactInfo objects.

Defined in: contactinfobase.hpp and contactinfobase.cpp

Class Members

Member Functions


ContactInfoBase (void)

Constructs a ContactInfoBase object.

ContactInfoBase (const ContactInfoBase & that)

Constructs a ContactInfoBase object that is a copy of the specified ContactInfoBase object.

virtual ~ContactInfo (void)

Destructs a ContactInfoBase object

ContactInfoBase & operator= (const ContactInfoBase & that)

Assignment  operator.

virtual bool operator== (const ContactInfoBase & that)

Equality operator.

virtual bool operator!= (const ContactInfoBase & that)

Inequality operator.

virtual bool operator< (const ContactInfoBase & that)

Less than operator.

virtual bool operator> (const ContactInfoBase & that)

Greater than operator.

friend ostream & operator<< (ostream & os, ContactInfoBase & obj)

Streams the object out.

friend istream & operator>> (istream & is, ContactInfoBase & obj)

Stream object in.

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