EmailAddresses Class

The EmailAddresses class is derived from VObject. It contains the E-mail addresses for the contact.

Defined in: emailaddresses.hpp and emailaddresses.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


EmailAddressInfo newAddress

New email address info.

EmailAddressList emailAddressList

List of email addresses.

EmailAddressList::iterator emailAddressIterator;

Current email address iterator.

Member Functions


EmailAddresses (void)

Constructs an EmailAddresses object.

EmailAddresses (const EmailAddresses & that)

Constructs an EmailAddresses that is a copy of the specified EmailAddresses  object.

virtual ~EmailAddresses (void)

Destructs an EmailAddresses object.

EmailAddresses & operator= (const EmailAddresses & that)

Assignment operator.

void add (void)

Adds newAddress to the emailAddressList,

void remove (void)

Removes the email address currently referenced by emailAddressIterator from the email address list;

void setDefault (void)

Sets the email address currently referenced by emailAddressIterator to be the default email address.

void clear (void)

Clears all the data fields in the object.

virtual void populateEditView (void)

Overrides VObject's populateEditView function and initializes the object's data members with values that will be displayed during the view editing process.

char * getDefaultEmailAddress (void)

Return the default email address char string.

friend ostream & operator<< (ostream & os, EmailAddresses & obj)

Streams the object out.

friend istream & operator>> (istream & is, EmailAddresses & obj)

Streams the object in.

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